Debunking the Most Common Myths about Diabetes That People Believe to be true!

Everyone is ready to give you opinion and reviews when they come to know that one is suffering from an exceptional medical condition called diabetes mellitus. People start giving abrupt advice like to stop sugar consumption, take help of some fat diminisher to reduce weight as well as imposing certain other restrictions.

Although diabetes is a slow poison and often proves to be fatal; there are certain myths prevalent among Americans and Europeans; that needs to be debunked.

Consider a few.

Myth 1:

Sugar causes diabetes and people with diabetes should never eat sugar.

Fact: This is the most popular misconception.

Sugar is a form of glucose. Every cell lives on glucose and it is the ultimate source of energy in our body. The amount of sugar intake for diabetic patients varies.

It is best for a diabetic patient to follow a low carbohydrate diet. Interestingly, he or she will also be commended with some fat diminisher reviews!

Myth 2:

Type-2 diabetes is mild.

Fact: No type of diabetes is mild and one should never ignore this. Actually, if Type-2 diabetes is not taken seriously, it can be life-threatening within a couple of years.

Also, many people believe that Type-2 diabetes is a reverse fat diminisher; but more than 20 percent Type-2 diabetic patients are underweights or normal weights.

            Myth 3:

Women with Type-1 diabetes cannot have children.

Fact: Yes, it is a high-risk pregnancy.

But nowadays, there are many women with Type-1 diabetes who successfully deliver their babies under experts’ supervision.

            Myth 4:

Insulin causes weight gain or blindness.

Fact: Insulin is a life saver drug.

In earlier days, insulin therapy was used as a last resort after all the devastations done by diabetes including loss of vision.

Under insulin treatment, calories remain in the body, and if patients consume more calories than they burn, they will gain weight. So, it is best advised to follow the fat diminisher programs while you are on an insulin dose.

Never believe filthy gossips. Always cross check before believing anything. You can recover from diabetes with determination and willpower!