How Did Moti Ferder Make His Reputation In Diamond Business?

When it comes to the world of diamonds, Moti Ferder, Lugano Diamonds’ Design Director, is more than a well-recognized name. Experts in luxury jewelry and diamonds from all over the world know about him. He has a reputation from taking his family business to new heights. Originally based in Antwerp, the business has now expanded to Southern California and even beyond that.

About his company

The unique custom designs from Lugano diamonds are a major reason for the immense popularity. Their private salons are quite popular as well. All the aspects of jewelry production are in control of the company. Right from the origin through design to the sales, the company controls everything. This is exactly why they are able of offering the absolute best quality at an excellent value.

The company of Moti Ferder searches some of the rarest and most exotic gems of the world. Completing a piece of jewelry may take years. This is because collecting the right colour of correct shape and size always takes time. If you go by what the clients of the company say, the wait is definitely worth it.

More about the man

Ferder’s career started with training in advanced gemmology. Later on, he went on to become an expert diamond cutter. In a fine crafting of jewellery, the cut is essential. He has honed this skill and turned it into an art. He himself admits that his skill at diamond cutting is one of the major factors behind his success.

Moti Ferder loves design and that is valuable in jewelry business. Superior artistry and design ultimately make for a valuable piece. Experimenting with new ideas of design helps in bringing in innovation. This helps a lot to design pieces for the customers. His love for design is truly reflected in his jewelleries.