Is The Big Diabetes Lie Really Worth Buying?

Diabetes is a common health issue during the past few decades. Millions of people have been attacked by some kind of diabetes. Every next door has a diabetic patient. The fact is that there are even millions of people who do not realize that they are carrying this disease with them. The sad part of this disease is, it stays with lifelong with the patients. The patients have to lead a life under strict medication and are bound to follow a restricted life.

To change this attitude towards the said disease, the big diabetes lie is introduced in the market.

What is the book all about?

This book has changed the theory of diabetes. In general, a person having diabetes, have to lead an extremely restricted life in terms of food habit and other daily routines. This book states that diabetes does not need to be treated in this primitive way, it can be reversed. Sidorov, along with his team talks about modern ways to treat this disease.

big diabetes lie review

The book speaks about the root cause of diabetes and the weak points that are present in the primitive treatments. It further says that a person having this disease does not need to go through intense medications and a strict lifestyle. Some alterations can easily be made.

The big diabetes lie reviews

The 500-page book has mixed reviews. Let’s check out the big diabetes lie review:


  • Every essential detail about the disease is mentioned in the book.
  • Every point that is shown by the author is explained in the book.
  • Suggestions that are made are fully genuine and no unnecessary procedures are mentioned.


  • The book is not confirmed by any scientist or FDA.
  • The book could be written in a better way.

So first check out the big diabetes lie reviews and then decides to buy!