Moti Ferder: Taking the Business of Diamonds to a New Level

Lugano Diamonds is a company which certainly doesn’t craft ornaments for everyone, but every piece of jewelry crafted by them is one of its kinds. The name Lugano Diamonds may be said to be synonymous to the most unique diamond jewelries that have ever been crafted.

The man behind Lugano: Moti Ferder

Lugano Diamonds is run by its ever dedicated CEO and also the Design Director of the company Moti Ferder. Ferder is a self-made man who started as a diamond cutter before moving to Serbia where he used to manage diamond mines.

Ferder has inherited this business of diamonds from his family but the height that the business has attained in the past decade was not even imagined by the man himself. Before getting Lugano Diamonds, Ferder had founded Craft Diamonds which in its own rights was a very successful business.

After getting into the Lugano Diamonds, Ferder has gained such a popularity that is somewhat unprecedented. The unique design and the multicolored diamonds that the company offers to its clients is something never seen before. The business prides itself in offering its clients such discretion in choosing the rarest of diamonds from all across the globe that simply takes the business beyond any competition.

What sets Lugano Diamonds apart from others?

Moti Ferder is himself very much involved in every assigned work that the company receives. The foremost reason for that being is mostly there is one order at any given period of time. The company has a little over a dozen employs and requires the complete attention of every staff in getting the order done.

The most amazing characteristic of the company is that it takes its own time in providing perfection to each of its customers. Some of the orders that the company has completed have taken over a year to be done. Moti Ferder claims this is such a business where flawlessness can be achieved and most of the customers and clients seem quite happy writing checks for thousands of dollars in order to buy such flawlessness.