Prank Your Friends, Buy A Whizzinator And Make Them Fall Prey.

Today we shall talk about the future of simulation, fake penises. Yes, with the help of fake penises, you can now experience true wanting to urinate and also make use of the product to fulfil your wet desires. The Whizzinator makes and manufacture penis shaped products which are made from synthetic and plastic with the help of which you can simulate the urination and even play pranks on your friends and also use the product as a means of sex toy.

The product launched has been popularized by many customers and the products are really cheap and affordable. Get yours today.

What are Whizzinator fake penises?

The Whizzinator fake penis are fit for male and comes in one size and one size only, the penises are fit for all and come with a bunch of other accessories which help the fake male organ to remain attached to the body of the user.


The synthetic urine which comes with it acts as real piss and the product also comes with heat pads which maintains and regulates the temperature of the fake urine thus giving the customer the real feeling of the same. The product is not limited for male only, there are also fake organ for women to prank with.

How to operate the Whizzinator?

The Whizzinator needs to be touched in order to operate. The syringe provided with the package itself helps to inject the piss into the tube and also acts as a source cleaner for the product itself. The Whizzinator needs to be pressed at the tip of its mouth in order to generate and expel whatever if inside the tube.

In other words, the products are helpful in simulating, pranking and also passing through illegal drug tests. These products have recently since 2005 taken the market by storm and can be found at almost any online shopping website. But we would prefer you to buy the product from the main official online store for quality purposes.