Pros and Cons of Mattermost

Mattermost has made messaging system in corporate life quite easy and productive. Now all the communication just happens in the mattermost and you can be relaxed that all your private information is in safe hands. But people who are into slack do often not know the benefits of mattermost. To know more about this open source, slack alternative, you must go through all the basics at This matter most blog will guide you through the steps of installation, features and its benefits over other competitive apps. Lots of people have been started using it and they have found this amazing app to make their work easy and productive. But in case you want to know what you can get of this app, here are the pros and cons that can help you make the choice:



  1. Being an open source, it is price effective. You can carry on with basic messaging system with paying any penny.
  2. It is user friendly. It’s simple to use and get it installed thus people can do it on their own referring to the mattermost blog.
  3. You have threads reply option so you can reply to the continuation of chats. You can add comments and reply in .gif as well.
  4. You can categorize your chats as per the type of conversation you are having.
  5. All the source code will be your own so no third party involvement.
  6. Chat history can be retrieved easily.
  7. You can find updates available at matter most blog from time to time.


  1. Not much people know all the features thus missing out most of the things.

There isn’t much glitch in the app and it’s really convenient to use. It has been designed to take messaging system to a better level.