Replica Watches Tumbled Down theGenuine Brands

Many people have craze for popular expensive watch brands and strive to buy it at any cost, but buying the original brand may not be affordable sometime due to extremely high price. Fake watch makers are taking advantage of people’s craze for these watches and replicas of popular brands in high demand are flooding the market despite the sale of imitation being infringement of proprietary rights of brand owner companies. People have brand image in mind and they can’t resist to buy imitations when price is not a limiting factor. Thus, replica watch manufacturers have been able to establish their business at a rapid pace as sale of replicas marked multifold growth in a short span of time.

Breitling replica watches

Replicas have adversely affected genuine brands

Rolex, one of the highest selling Swiss brand is the prime victim of replica attack and the sale of Rolex replica watches has critically affected the Rolex business in the global market as manufacturers of counterfeit Rolex started retailing it at the range of $10 to over $1000, depending on the materials that are used and the closeness of the replica to the original watch. Breitling, a name synonymous with aviator watches is another popular Swiss watch, like Rolex, that suffered a setback due to sale of Breitling replica watches at extremely low price and imitations were so close that that its fake status couldn’t be challenged against genuine product. The aesthetics of the watch with its intricacies make it a timepiece and a target of counterfeit. Panerai brand is also in queue of the affected brands. The brand replica market is so large, that the Panerai enthusiasts call themselves the “Paneristi”, with special forums and closed social groups for those who own Panerai watches.Panerai replica watches have geared down the progress of this industry.

What we conclude

Irrespective of inferior quality materials used by replica watch makers their progress is unabated and brand makers have raised their hands against marketing strategies of fake industry.